Janet Jackson’s Bio Includes a Spell of Depression

Known for her soaring career and provocative methods of doing music, Janet Jackson is among musicians who have had to battle depression. The 52-year-old singer started her career at a young age, thanks to her love for music and exposure to music from a young age. Janet Jackson details how her battle to overcome depression reached intense proportions through her 40s.

Great Career

Born on May 16, 1966, Janet Jackson was the youngest of her ten siblings. She and the rest of her siblings were introduced to music by her father at a young age. Her debut album featured in 1982 which saw the beginning of her, soon to be, successful career.

Through the decades, Janet Jackson became one of the most successful black female artists in the world with tens of albums and millions of dollars made throughout the course of her career. Despite coming from a family that loved music, Janet Jackson worked hard to define her own success and has managed to do so for years.

Not all Rosy

Despite the success, Jackson’s career has not been all rosy. There were bouts of scandals that threatened to cripple her thriving career over the years. Sometimes, her provocative sense of expression has created a lot of emotions around the world. It has also put her through plenty of trials and tribulations which are well detailed in her bio.

For example, the alleged wardrobe malfunction during the Super Bowl XXXVIII with Justin Timberlake elicited a lot of reactions from her viewers. It also created a series of events that would see her butt heads with government and media institutions, some which did not augur well with her career. The event placed her on the World Guinness Record as the most searched person on the internet.

This was not the end of her not so rosy patch along her career. Years Later, Janet has reported to suffering from depression. She mentions, in a letter addressed to her feelings of inadequacy from her failed relationships brought about these feelings.

Finding Peace

Unlike most depression patients who are, unfortunately, unable to fight their condition, Janet has been able to find her peace in her young son. She describes the happiness, which was previously elusive, that comes whenever she interacts with her son. This has helped the star cope with her depression and have a more positive view of life.